Sola Olulode | Artist Overview

Sola Olulode (b. 1996) is based in London and received her BA in Fine Art Painting from the University of Brighton in 2018. Working with various mediums of natural dyeing, batik, wax, ink, pastel, oil bar, and impasto she develops textural canvases that explore the fluidities of identities. Drawing inspiration from lived experience, friends, and cultural reference points to centre Black Queer Woman, Sola emphasises the integral need of representation and celebration of queer intimacies. 

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“I like to have a range of sizes of paintings to be able to suit any kind of exhibition space or buyer. Painting large is always my favourite option, because I get to be more expressive with my body in the making of it and I think it’s also nice to see full size, larger than life sized paintings of black people taking up space in galleries.”

Sola Olulode