An Arthropodal Furniture Collection by Designer Omotunwase Osinaike Channels The Allegorical Artefacts Of Africa’s Forest Region

Guided by an intention to promote and advance the traditions of the forest region of Africa, this sculptural furniture piece by London-based artist Omotunwase Osinaike offers a sensual interpretation of life in an area rich in culture and biodiversity .Raised just 15 cm above the floor, Osinaike explains his design as seeking to reconnect users to the spiritual charge of the ground. A central lounger that is tactile and functional, with an appended leg rest that serves as a chair of its own allowing users to lounge in opposite directions in pairs or individually. The winged seat allow its users take up lotus and other meditative seating positions.

The objects were informed by Osinaike’s repeated study of arthropods. Bilateral symmetry, segmentation, paired jointed appendages and an exoskeleton became cues during ideation. Adult beetles in combat serves as the central image.

Osinaike’s works are on view at The London Design Bienalle through 25 June at Somerset Gallery, and you can find more from the designer on instagram.