American Painter, Raymond Saunders joins David Zwirner

David Zwirner, in collaboration with Andrew Kreps Gallery, announces their joint representation of esteemed American artist Raymond Saunders. The partnership coincides with the unveiling of a two-part solo exhibition titled “Post No Bills,” curated by Ebony L. Haynes. Set to debut on February 22nd, this dual showcase will grace the walls of David Zwirner in Chelsea and Andrew Kreps Gallery in Tribeca, offering a comprehensive journey through Saunders’s four-decade career.

Hailing from Pittsburgh in 1934, Saunders has emerged as a central figure in the Bay Area art scene, crafting a singular artistic practice since the 1960s. His approach is characterized by improvisation, as integrating eclectic ephemera, signage, and everyday detritus into his works, reflecting his lived experiences. Saunders’s paintings and installation-based pieces are imbued with bold swathes of paint, interwoven with found materials and his own expressive markings, creating visually arresting compositions that invite viewers to delve deeper into their layers of meaning.

Central to Saunders’s artistic vision are his blackboard surfaces, often obscured by layers of paint and debris yet adorned with handwritten equations, lettering, and playful annotations. This distinctive feature pays homage to his background as an educator, infusing his artworks with a sense of intellectual curiosity and playful spontaneity.

Much like the improvisational rhythms of jazz music, Saunders’s works resonate with a sense of dissonance and harmony, offering profound insights into the complexities of human existence. Through a synthesis of diverse elements, he confronts the dualities inherent in life: struggle and resilience, scarcity and abundance, innocence and disillusionment. Each artwork becomes a testament to the multifaceted nature of the human experience, weaving together personal anecdotes and universal truths to create a rich tapestry of imagery and ideas.

Raymond Saunders’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in his personal experiences and observations of the world around him. Now based in Oakland, California, Saunders continues to push the boundaries of contemporary art, captivating audiences with his thought-provoking creations that celebrate the beauty and complexity of everyday life.