Samuel de Saboia | Artist Overview

Samuel de Saboia

b.1998, Brazilian

Samuel de Saboia (b. 1998, Brazil) is a mixed media artist and creative director known for works that address existential dichotomies such as life and death, pain and pleasure, and virtue and vice. The artist’s vibrant, energetic paintings also relay fragments of his own personal narrative as he explores themes including sexuality, migration, and displacement. de Saboia began painting and selling his work online at an early age. In 2019, Brazil’s FAMA Museum mounted de Saboia’s first solo museum exhibition. Many of de Saboia’s notable works feature the prominent outline of a central face or figure tangled amidst various other intricate patterns and shapes. The interconnected layers found throughout de Saboia’s work mimic the complex intersections which permeate and shape our society today. Illustrating the daily movements of turning dichotomy into harmony, this relates the ever folding connections between Earth and Heavens as both physical and spiritual beings converse into once again recalling with their other halves. The words “Esú” - Orisha that opens the ways, “Sambando” as the Brazilian dance of samba that is based on going two steps ahead of the timing of the song and the phrase “Está tudo bem não entender” (it’s okay to not understand) as marks of the moments of this painting that over its 4 months of work embraced different states of Samuel’s mental landscape.