Patrick Eugène | Artist Overview

Patrick Eugène creates large scale figurative compositions that derive from his concentration in Abstract Expressionism. This new body of work is in dialogue with historic Black artists like Beauford Delaney, Horace Pippin, and Ed Clark, and contemporary artists like Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, and Henry Taylor. Eugène depicts the complex narratives of human experience within quotidian scenes of Black America. As a son of Haitian immigrants, Eugène incorporates African Diasporic connections between Haiti (the Caribbean), and North America within his intuitive practice that connects him to everyday people, seen in the streets of Atlanta, GA. In his studio practice, photographs taken by the artist are later transposed into portraits that deviate from naturalism and evoke the abstractionism of ancient Africa and the vibrant color palettes of Haiti.

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“I’ve always been enamored by the act of creation and the minds responsible for the art we enjoy daily. I do believe that I dug a little deeper into my studies of historical Black creators during the pandemic, as I, like most others, had more time to dive into my research..”

Tammie Rubin