Rele Gallery Continues Global Expansion with London Outpost

Rele Gallery, a dynamic force in the contemporary art world originating from Lagos, Nigeria, is making significant strides on the global stage. With its recent outpost opening in London, the gallery is set to broaden its international footprint across three continents.

The choice of Mayfair for the London outpost aligns with this strategy, situating Rele Gallery amidst a vibrant district renowned for its flagship galleries and burgeoning art scene. This move is anticipated to leverage the district’s high foot traffic against the backdrop of Mayfair’s escalating gallery rents, providing an optimal setting for engagement with a diverse audience. Alessandra Olivi, with her deep roots in London’s contemporary African art scene, will lead the new space, bringing her extensive experience and passion for African art to the forefront.

London holds a special connection to US born Nigerian Gallerist Adenrele Sonariwo, linking her personal heritage to the city’s significant Nigerian diaspora. This connection is not merely sentimental; it is strategic, recognizing London’s pivotal role in the trade and appreciation of contemporary African art. Despite challenges like Brexit, Sonariwo’s determination reflects a confidence in London’s undiminished appeal as a hub for art and culture.

Beyond showcasing established and emerging African talent, Rele Gallery’s expansion into London aims to serve as a bridge, connecting artists with new markets and audiences. Sonariwo’s initiative to open in London follows a successful model in Los Angeles, where the gallery has significantly boosted its sales and artist visibility. With plans to introduce a diverse roster of artists to the London scene, Rele Gallery is poised to enrich the city’s cultural landscape and contribute to the vibrant dialogue around contemporary African art.