5 Art Shows to See in Accra, Ghana This Summer

In recent years, Ghana’s art scene has begun to thrive with artists like Amoako Boafo, Ibrahim Mahama, and El Anatsui gaining international recognition and increasingly high sales prices. From traditional craftsmanship to contemporary masterpieces, Accra’s art scene offers a rich and diverse landscape for art enthusiasts. In this blog article, we aim to showcase the essence of this thriving scene by highlighting five must-see exhibitions in the heart of the city. Prepare to embark on a visual journey that encapsulates the dynamic spirit and artistic brilliance that make Accra’s art scene truly remarkable.

Rita Mawuena Benissan: In The World Not of The World

Ceremonial umbrellas have been a documented part of Asante custom for over 300 years. A form of regalia reserved only for chiefs, they represented power, prestige and control. The ubiquity of the umbrella is the start point for artist Rita Mawuena Benissan’s In the World, not of the World. In this exhibition in Ghana’s capital, Benissan reconfigures the role of the umbrella, turning it from an object symbolic of history and tradition to an item that, in itself, grapples with questions of memory and identity. 

Gallery 1957 (gallery1957.com)
Until 27 July

Youssra Raouchi: Painting With My Eyes Closed

Moroccan multi-disciplinary artist Youssra Raouchi’s solo exhibition at ADA\contemporary takes inspiration from the post-structuralist Rhizome philosophy put forth by French theorists Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. This philosophy challenges traditional hierarchical structures and linear thinking, offering a decentralized, interconnected, and non-linear model of knowledge and existence. In Painting With My Eyes Closed, Youssra explains that “my paintings examine notions of self-reflection, sexuality, identity and the infiniteness of the rhizome itself.”

ADA\ Contemporary Art Gallery (adda-accra.com)
Until 6 August

Tegene Kunbi: Meeting Points and Holding On

In his latest solo-exhibition, mixed-media artist Tegene Kunbi presents a body of work from his recent residency with Gallery 1957 in Accra. Kunbi is known for his captivating and vibrant abstract paintings, bursting with a kaleidoscope of colors rooted in African expressionism . The artist explains, “Colour is a vocabulary I use to give voice to aspects of my cultural heritage. Each hue is a conversation with the next, producing a sense of harmony and tension. Through this language I convey the dynamism and complexities within my personal experience and that of my community. 

Gallery 1957 (gallery1957.com)
Until 12 August

Group: Home Is More Than A Place

“Home is more than Place” captures the essence of belonging that transcends borders and cultures, inviting you to celebrate the vibrant tapestry of modern African life. From bustling streets to serene landscapes, these photographs reveal the intimate moments, daily rituals, and shared joys that define our sense of home. Rooted in the unity of Africans in Africa and the diaspora, Pan-Africanism serves as the guiding thread throughout these images.

Dikan Gallery (dikangallery)
Opens 21 July

Simon Bowman Jnr: Music To My Eyes

Ghanaian Artist Simon Bowman Jnr’s artistic endeavors delve into the realm of image-making techniques through the chemical reactions of 35mm photographic film, devoid of light. Employing tropical fruit juices such as mango, watermelon, pineapple, oranges, along with familiar household foods, he skillfully applies them onto the film, resulting in captivating and unique images. The artist studied Fine Arts at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and references how Prof. Karî’kachä Seid’ou’s philosophy around contemporary arts broke open the proverbial box and allowed him to push the boundaries of his art and exploration of analog photography.

Nbuke Foundation (nubukefoundation.com)
Until 26 August