Imara Limon Appointed As New Head Curator Of Amsterdam Museum

Curator and art historian Imara Limon (Leiden, 1988) will become head curator and member of the management team at the Amsterdam Museum as of July 1st. Limon has been affiliated with the museum since 2017 and was announced the winner of the National Museum Talent Award that same year. She became known for projects such as the New Narratives programming, the biennial art manifestation Refresh Amsterdam, and the exhibition Manahahtáanung or New Amsterdam?, currently on view. Besides her work at the Amsterdam Museum, Limon is a supervisor at Centraal Museum Utrecht and has broad experience as an advisor to various cultural funds. She was also a board member of the Kunsten ’92 advocacy group and creative director of the Amsterdam 750 Foundation.

Innovator within the museum world

“We are very pleased with Imara in her new role as head of curation and member of our management team. In recent years she has worked on several innovative and high-profile projects, through which she has enriched our museum and the museum field as a whole. This is why, years ago, she was named Museum Talent of the year,” says Judikje Kiers, director of the Amsterdam Museum. “A great example of her recent work is her contribution to Manahahtáanung or New Amsterdam?, an exhibition that the team at the Amsterdam Museum created with the Museum of the City of New York and representatives of the Lenape, the original inhabitants of the area which is now New York.”

Artistic course

“In the coming period, together with Limon and the rest of our team, we will continue the artistic course we have set out in our Business Plan 2025–2028. The focus remains the polyvocal programming of Amsterdam narratives, often in co-creation with communities in the city,” explains Kiers. In her new position, Limon will play an important role in the development and realization of museum policy, especially in the areas of research, presentation, and programming, while as a management team member she will contribute to the museum’s overall strategy. “With this new role I’m looking forward to making a meaningful contribution to the ongoing evolution of the Amsterdam Museum as a city museum for the future,” Limon says. From July 1st, the Amsterdam Museum’s management team will include Judikje Kiers, Remco Mol, Marije Fokkema, Imara Limon, Marijke Oosterbroek, and Maurice Seleky.