12-Foot Bronze Sculpture by British Artist Thomas J. Price Unveiled in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Thomas J Price, a prominent British contemporary artist, has recently unveiled a new public sculpture in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This monumental bronze artwork, titled “Moments Contained,” can be found in front of Rotterdam’s Central Station and serves as a powerful statement that challenges traditional power structures and representation in the public domain.

The artist has become one of the most important British contemporary artists of his generation, subverting stereotypical representations of figures we value in society and traditional power structures.

The monumental bronze sculpture refers to a long-standing classical tradition of large bronze statues in public spaces. However, “Moments Contained” differs from this tradition by not being heroic or historic. The sculpture has no pedestal and stands on ground level, as we all do.

With this work, Price responds to a long history of glorifying individuals or ideologies through sculpture. By celebrating a fictional woman in casual sportswear, Price challenges the marginalization of those who have not traditionally been represented in public spaces. The character’s poise and attitude are easily relatable, bringing attention to the shared moments we experience and what connects us as a society