Sesse Elangwe | This or That ?

25 May – 27 September 2024

Sesse Elangwe

This or That ?


Artist Profile
Sesse Elangwe
'This or That ?', Sesse Elangwe Ngeseli From May 25 to July 27, 2024, 193 Gallery presents "This or That ?", a solo show by Sesse Elangwe Ngeseli. The artist plunges visitors into an introspective biography full of profound questioning. “This or That ?” is a reflection on emotional instability and the dilemmas of everyday life. Do we necessarily have the answer to everything ? Sesse interrogates the need to answer every question, and the compulsion to make choices to satisfy others rather than oneself. This series of works invites us to reflect on the need to find answers to our own inner questions.