Patrick Eugène | Solitude

17 February – 23 March 2024

Patrick Eugène



Artist Profile
Patrick Eugène

Mariane Ibrahim is delighted to present Patrick Eugène’s first solo exhibition at the gallery in Paris, Solitude — on view from February 17th to March 23rd, 2024. 

Solitude embarks on an empirical exploration of introspective spaces, examining the multifaceted experience of being alone. Inspired by the ideas of self-discovery, Solitude highlights the darkness and claircognizance that live within silence, quiet contemplation, and the enduring resilience of the human spirit. 

This series confronts the full spectrum of solitude, from immense loneliness to tranquil solace and profound introspection. As Eugène created these works in isolation, he turned inward in his practice, giving rise to a quiet space of introspection where his thoughts flowed freely into his ruminative gestures. 

Solitude depicts figures as they traverse the detailed landscape of their seclusion. Each on a unique journey of introspection, the figures live in worlds characterized by their aloneness. These figures sit in silence as they reconnect with the core of their existence and discover the beauty and meaning that can blossom in the quiet spaces between life’s cacophonous moments.  

In an alluring array of blues—ranging from cerulean to navy, indigo to light cyan—Eugène’s profound manipulation of color broadens our perceptual horizons, stretching from cirrus white to midnight black in his piece “Night Table”. Within this work and “Indigo Dreams,” figures rest cradled by deep blue vignettes, their lowered eyes and subconsciousness embraced by the viewer’s empathetic eye. His skillful pairing of gloss and matte brushwork creates a play with light that accentuates the details of the figures’ expressions underscoring the artist’s use of light as an active participant in illuminating the intricate details of his artistry.  

Each artwork prompts viewers to engage with their connection to solitude. Patrick Eugène aims to leave audiences contemplating, where is your sanctuary of inner peace? and at what point does the tranquility of quiet contemplation transform into the isolating reverberation of solitude’s echo? This series of works extends an invitation to introspection, encouraging audiences to continually ponder the subtle boundary between introspection and isolation.