Okoye Emeke & Olivia Maye: Harmony of Humanity

22 January – 25 February 2024

Okoye Emeke & Olivia Maye

Harmony of Humanity

 Sitges, Barcelona


Okoye Emeka, a distinguished Nigerian artist born in 1997, embarked on his artistic journey during his formative years, finding solace in drawing and crafting caricatures amidst academic struggles. His profound connection with art evolved at the University of Uyo, shaping the foundation of his artistic expression.
Olivia Mae Pendergast, an American-born artist, embarked on a transformative artistic journey when she discovered Africa, specifically in Malawi, in 2008. Subsequent travels to places like Haiti and Bangladesh followed, but it was in 2016 that she chose to make Kenya her home. While she has explored landscapes, Pendergast’s true passion lies in portraiture, capturing the essence of “ordinary” people in their daily lives with a remarkable subtlety.

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