Watercolour Paper Portraits by YoYo Lander Celebrates Self Love in A Big Romance

Fine artist Yo Yo Lander captures her portrait subjects in their most natural and honest states in her, A Big Romance series. The Los Angeles based artist photographs each person then combines them to express a definitive image. Lander recreates her sitters by layering cut pieces of dyed watercolor paper on top of canvas, resulting in a textural, multicoloured close up of human form conveying the impression of landscape. Lander explains that “A Big Romance is a declaration of self-love! It’s an outburst of feeling that is ardent, expressive, flexible, and imaginative! It’s what we’ve been searching for and where we want to be!”

Yo Yo Lander’s series A Big Romance is on view at Zidoun Bossuyt Gallery in Paris until 13 May. Find more of Lander’s works and stay updated on Instagram.