Pol Taburet | Artist Overview

Pol Taburet’s work is a heady and iconoclastic mix of references that range from the artist’s own Caribbean background, the region’s synchretic voodoo traditions and belief systems, wider contemporary culture, as well as classical painting. Born in 1997, the artist has rapidly gained attention with his idiosyncratic painterly style, which he has developed by incorporating the use of airbrushing alongside traditional brush painting with acrylic colors. The formal result is a unique contraposition of textures and finishings, of painstaking detail, “impressionistic” suggestion and symbolism.

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“ It’s true that in my paintings there’s something about not saying too much, and showing not telling. There’s an element of wanting to seduce the viewer, flirting with them. I insert tons of little references in my work; I see my paintings as little poems that tell stories. Not wanting to intellectualize my work creates an expressiveness.”

Pol Taburet