Pharaoh Kakudji | Artist Overview

Pharaoh Kakudji

Pharaoh Kakudji is a French artist of American, Congolese and Spanish origin, working in between Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. He works with several mediums including painting, drawing, photography, video, textiles and sculpture. This is his second solo exhibition at Simchowitz Gallery. The first, Shake the Fog, opened in November 2021. Kakudji recently had a solo exhibition at Stems Gallery in Paris, France, Tear a Part, Torn a Part which opened in May 2022 and was the first exhibition for the Paris location of the Belgium-based gallery. Kakudji has been included in several group shows including: In Defense of Poetry at The Trops, Paris (Feb 2023); Couleur des Tenebres at 3537, Paris (July 2023); LAX to CDG at the Stems Gallery (June 2023) and Mirror Gazing at the Pit in LA (November 2020)