Oumar Ball | Artist Overview

Mauritanian sculptor, painter and sketchbook artist, First Prize of the BISO 2021 jury, Oumar Ball has made wire the fabric of his artistic identity. This metal becomes in his hands as flexible as cotton thread, which allows him to assemble corrugated sheet metal and recycled metal, in his sculptures as on his canvases. His entire creation is inspired by the banks of the Fouta Tooro river, which separates Senegal and Mauritania, and testifies to the cohabitation between human activities, fauna and flora. A spectator of the metamorphosis of life since his childhood, Oumar Ball combines his agility with iron and his fascination for animals, particularly birds, to give birth to a bestiary of disconcerting vitality.

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“In this immense territory that was for me the village where I lived at the time, I found pieces of metal in abstract shapes, iron wire flattened like writing, colored cardboard or plastic, and I made toys.”

Oumar Ball