Okoye Emeka | Artist Bio

Born in 1997, Okoye Chukwuemeka John is a contemporary visual artist. He practices painting in the medium of oil on canvas. His artworks are dealt with by several worldwide notable galleries and portals. This includes reputed Artsy, Taag gallery in New York, and Mitochondria in Houston, among others. Gradually, with his work generating greater demand, he is receiving a considerable fame.
Okoye’s representations comprise human figures either alone or in multiple numbers. Particularly, to note, some of the male and female figures are posed with their back gazing at the viewer. However, it is the figures in the group that narrate an essence of emotion, feeling and sentimental values. In one of the paintings, titled Self Companion, Okoye presents two figures of similar features, denoting the idea of solitude and its significance. At the same time, in one of the other ones, the figures repeat thrice. The multiplicity is an idea of creating a measurable effect on the viewer’s psyche. Taking note of the existential angst that pervades the youth, his works reflect on the emotive passage of time, Interestingly, Okoye’s colour palette is low key which resonates with the contextual process and selection of material. The grim expression is synchronised with the textural effect in the background. Hence, they are impressionist in nature, while refined by qualitative craftsmanship.
Okoye Chukwuemeka John lives and works in Nigeria.

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 There were many things has contributed to the development of my style of art, but basically, I would say reading art articles and journals. Studying the works of classical artists like Rembrandt, Adolphe Bouguereau, and impressionist masters like John Singer Sargent, Ander Zorn, and Richard Allen Schmidt. I would also say having conversations with artists and collectors. 

Okoye Emeka