Lorna Simpson

Lorna Simpson is one of a group of artists who became well known in the 1980s for exploring themes and ideas relating to identity politics in their work. Identity politics focuses on the lives and experience of those who are often marginalised in society such as Black people, women and gay people. She uses photography, video and collage to explore identity using her own experiences as a Black woman to inspire her work. She is most well known for her powerful artworks that combine photographs with words. In these works she questions and challenges narrow and conventional ideas about women, culture and race.

“I think with regard to being a Black woman artist, and I say that specifically, I had to make decisions about my career. I had to determine its direction, what I wanted, when I wanted to leave galleries, do other things. I was always very committed to that, grateful that I was not afraid to displease. I’m grateful that I was not afraid of speaking my mind.”