Kwadwo A. Asiedu | Bio

Kwadwo A. Asiedu (b. 1987) is a Ghanaian self-taught artist and photographer who was born in Mexico and is based in Ibadan, Nigeria. He holds a master’s degree in Environmental Management from the University of Hertfordshire, England. Asiedu grew up in a Nigerian agricultural institute which holds the largest protected rainforest, rich in biodiversity and intrigue. His practice revolves around the translation of nature’s charm. Approaching art as a form of dialogue with the living environment, he alters scale in order to reconsider the exploitative relationship between humans and the earth.

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“I aim to objectively uphold a notion that nature will persist to ultimately outlive us, foreshadowing its internal permanence and stoicism, enlight of our mortality. Thus, within the nexus of our interaction with nature, presenting at the forefront the consequence of our inconsequence, our ephemerality.”

Kwadwo A. Asiedu