Julianknxx | Artist Overview

Julianknxx’s work merges his poetic practice with films and performance; he engages in a form of existential inquiry that at once seeks to find ways of expressing the ineffable realities of human experiences while examining the structures through which we live.
In casting his own practice as a ‘living archive’ or an ‘history from below’, Julianknxx draws on West African traditions of oral history to reframe how we construct both local and global perspectives. He does this through a body of work that challenges fixed ideas of identity and unravels linear Western historical and socio-political narratives, attempting to reconcile how it feels to exist primarily in liminal spaces.

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 ” I grew up in a time and place where stories and storytelling were central to everything from ceremonial events to church and family functions. The stories were full of life, depth and emotion and captivated me, to be honest. They became an integral part of who I am.”