Dominic Chambers | Artist Bio

Born in St. Louis, MO (1993) and currently based in New Haven, CT, Chambers creates vibrant paintings that frequently portray scenes of leisure, joy, and quiet contemplation. In his newest body of work, Chambers continues his examination of the contemporary role of leisure—focusing on its relationship to nature—and explores how art can function as a mode for understanding, recontextualizing, or renegotiating one’s relationship to the world. Leave Room for the Wind coincides with the artist’s debut solo museum exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (on view through February 15, 2024) and marks the artist’s first major solo exhibition in New York.

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“You leave things around because they were part of your creative interest or intrigue. You aren’t looking for an answer. My works have already taken me to places that exceeded my own imaginations. They’ve shifted my material reality. As long as I’m on that creative train, I’m not necessarily interested in a destination—as long as wherever I stop along the way, I leave something significant behind.”

Dominic Chambers