Armet Francis | Artist Bio

Armet Francis (born 29 January 1945) is a Jamaican-born photographer and publisher who has lived in London since the 1950s.[He has been documenting and chronicling the lives of people of the African diaspora for more than 40 years and his assignments have included work for The Times Magazine, The Sunday Times Supplement, BBC and Channel 4.
He has exhibited worldwide and his work is in collections including those of the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Museum of London. One of his best known photographs is 1964’s “Self Portrait in Mirror”.

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“In 1969 I embarked on a lifetime project…. I was living and working in the first world, materially that is, but becoming more aware of inequalities to the third world, to be more specific the Black World. As a Black photographer I started to realise I had no social documentary images in my work…. I went back [to Jamaica] in 1969…. I had been away 14 years, it would take another 14 years to make sense of this project.”